What’s there to say? Chances are, if you are reading this, we already met at a beginner’s meet&greet (which I sometimes co-host), munch or party somewhere in Berlin.

Since this page is mostly kink-related, let’s try it this way: I’m a 40-something, boring hetero, cis-male, monogamous dominant white guy in a happy relationship. My pronouns are he/him. While DS is the core of my relationship, I’m also into a lot of other stuff, from sadism to bondage (albeit on a very amateur-ish level), pet-play, needles, etc. – all of which flows from the DS, though. Naturally, I’m also interested in a lot of other topics, for example currently I would to get some first-hand hypnosis experience to see if I can use that in our relationship (I would prefer not to start from a purely theoretical basis after reading a book or two there).

Be warned, though: My personal kinks, especially the dominance and sadism parts tend to lean to the more heavy side, as I am into strong control (going into the 24/7 and TPE directions) and administering pain well beyond the level where my submissive gains direct pleasure from it, which pleases both the sadistic as well as the dominant side in me. On the other hand, I do not at all believe that my specific kinks are somehow better, more natural, more real or whatever than other kinks, so the only courtesy I ask for is that you treat my kinks the same. They might not be your kinks, but they are strongly rooted in informed consent, so they are ok.

Since we are not swingers, we are mostly looking for nice people to spend some quality (platonic) time with, going out for events (kink-related or not), having a cuppa together or simply talk about this and that (which is why you can find me/us at munches sometimes).

With “old-school” DS basically withdrawing more and more into the private areas, I’m also always looking for interested people with whom form a, let’s say “old-school inspired” circle, where DS is the central focus, with a healthy mixture of formality, friendship and fun.

Of course, I’m always open for questions, but be warned, answers will be only my 2 cents and nothing more. No clue what “The Truth”(TM) is, so you don’t ask if you need that.

You can contact me at or find me as Kleanthes on pages like Fetlife, Sklavenzentrale, Joyclub, etc.