Privacy Policy

What is this page?

This is the purely private, 100% non-commercial site of me, Kleanthes. The website address is:

What data is collected?

To the best of my knowledge: None. There is no comment function (so no need to send anytime to some anti-spam checking servers somewhere), the fonts are hosted on this server, Cookies are not used (because you can neither login nor comment) and server-side logging has been disabled. The only chance you have to get your data collected is to send me an e-mail, in which case it probably ends up in my mail folder and may or may not be used for nefarious purposes – like reading it.


This page has SSL enabled (and enforced), which basically means that the traffic between this page and your browser will be encrypted. Since you cannot comment or login or anything else, this basically does not make your browsing safer in any way, but it’s free, so who cares?


There is not a single advertisement, I don’t make a cent from this page and I do not offer any commercial services here. So, according to German law, no imprint is needed. You can still contact me via an email to , if you feel like it. I promise, I won’t charge you anything for that, too.